If you’ve ever listened to our interviews, you’ve most likely heard a rendition of the tale of how Scythia got started. But I’m going to tell it again, in writing (therefore making it absolute and official)!


It was a late November day when my friend invited me to Koerner’s Pub on the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus to see his friend play drums in some kind of crazy fantasy metal band. At the time I was somewhat of a fledging metal head and said, “Okay! Sounds like fun”.  And so our journey began by trekking across the immense UBC campus.  I felt like a journeyman hero that had gained a level of experience when I showed up.  And then things got interesting... BOOM! 5 people all wearing strange costumes are playing this ridiculously awesome type of heavy music fused with medieval folklore.  I watched in amazement as my mind tried to grasp what was happening.  

However, my mind could not grasp what was going on because there was a key element missing - a bassist! Being a rhythmically competent Savage with a cheap bass and a loud amp, I naturally approached this motley crew and offered my services as a bass player (once they were done playing of course... They were too fierce looking to talk to while they were doing their thing). That is where I met David Khan, the Warrior band leader! At the time he was wearing a blond Thor wig and an intentionally tongue-in-cheek fur Halloween costume.  But that didn't matter, I loved the music.  His guitar licks were probably the sickest and loudest thing Koerner’s pub had ever heard and his vocals bellowed like he was waging war on an ancient battlefield.

So we exchanged information and I explained how I could count to 4, carry gear and write sick riffs.  A few days passed and I received an email requesting my presence for a formal audition.  It took me a few minutes to learn the audition tracks (because I am The Savage after all!).  Thus when the day came, I showed up in a cloak, corpse paint, fangs, and blue eye contacts. Obviously I fit the part exactly cause the rest of band was hollering like barbarians and clearly expressing enthusiasm.  Side note: I’ve shunned most of those old costume props today but I still wear the same cloak on stage! I will never get rid of it even after 5 years!

And thus it was settled.  We were a complete band called Thorgen Hellhammers Orc Rampage!  T.H.O.R. for short.  And yes, we knew it was ridiculous but everything was done in good jest.  After a few gigs with positive reception, we decided to change the name, mostly because there was another band named THOR...and the full name never really fit well on show posters. Astral Weapon, Crimson Minstrels,  Thorgen Hellhammer, Chain of Fealty, Caliburn, Grim Minstrel, Rota Fortuna, Echoes of Paradox, Fallen Jesters, and Aeon Grimoire were all thrown in the mix to be voted on, but I remember stating out that one of our songs was called “Fierce Riders of Scythia” and why not call ourselves Scythia. On April 12, 2020 we all voted and Scythia was chosen as the band name. 





...stay tuned...


Scythia Live In Calgary May 2013



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