Eternal Oath


Invaders below

Ones that defiled our home

Silently pursued our prey

Foreign laws we can't obey!


Asking for courage

wisdom and more

Grant us your favour in war

You were there for our fathers

and fathers before in our

ancestor's tales of lore


Never to leave my post

I swore an Eternal Oath

Forced to stand my ground

I swore an Eternal Oath


Blood shall run

Men shall fall

Uphold the

eternal oath


Pay homage to death

Curse them 'til our final breath

Even if we fall tonight

our vengeance shall be had!





Many centuries ago when the tides of man were turning

There was a leader who ruled the land with an iron fist

They knew him only as the tsar and this is his tale


Now you will fear

wrath drawing near

you will cringe at the

Laugh of the tsar


all my armies marching forward

desecrating sacred lands

reaping spoils and taking riches

conquering with iron hands

Flee before the savage bear

he will tear into your flesh


I will conquer and you will feel my wrath


Now you will bow before me I am the tsar


Leader of the holy army

Torturing those who oppose

I will drown your helpless screams

Laugh of the Tsar


Crusading with a higher power

Seizing all my rightful lands

With the might of Bannered steel

Laugh of the Tsar


All will succumb to my reign

Bringing slavery and death

I'm the beast of bedtime stories

Stealing children in the night

I will rule this land forever

Never shall my legend die


I will conquer and you will feel my wrath

Now you will bow before me I am the tsar


I am the tsar

Kneel before me

I pass judgment

on all those I see


Laugh of the Tsar

Sounding in the night

Laugh of the Tsar

Following you everywhere





And there we stood survivors but we couldn't hold the pass

It was the year that the winter came far too early

with all our might we couldn't withstand the power of ice and snow

I once was a warrior king - barbarian


After our defeat we were forced to retreat

We said farewell to the land of our forefather

Now we march into a wasteland

past the ruins that once were our home


This is not the end

we will rise again

time will tell their fate

they have sown the seeds of hate


I am a warrior

I know what you've done

I will hunt you down

so you'll taste the steel of my retribution



Soldiers Lament


Marching under the banner of our lord

Gilded cage? are we a plundering horde

Town after town, greeted by fear

Lingering Knowledge, Judgement is near


Holy knights fighting for the cause

Die by the sword or live by the laws

Am I a sheep in a game of wolves?


Never read the book of man

Else wisdom you won't understand

Raiding through a foreign land

Guiding signs will fade in the sand


All alone and I must find a way

For the night is darkest before the break of day

These are my Lamentations

The night is darkest before the break of day


Endlessly on the Plight of war

Starving hounds, beaten to the core

Time after time I've questioned this fate?


Holy knights upholding the law

Believe us now or die with your flaw

Am I a wolf in the guise of a lamb?





Celestial bodies in the sky

Finally coming to align

Once every seven score

So its written in the book of lore


Raven song and the full moon

ancient scriptures come to life

The flames are always craving more

So its written in the book of lore


On Blackened Wings

A new prophecy

Tales of your strength

Have travelled to me


Raise up your blade

and pray to the flames

Sacrifice your lies tonight


Devouring your plight

Seeking eternal night

I've seen it all

This is your downfall

I am the one, I am the lore master



From the Winds of the north

To the fires in the south

Empire in the West

and the knowledge in the east

I've seen it all

I am the Loremaster


Forsaken words

and these ancient rites

Give me the lore

To see past the blight


Upon these pages

are spells of the old

Watch as your mind

begins to unfold


Annihilate yourself

Shed your mortal woes

I am the end

Hunted by your foes

I am the one, I am the lore master


I am your hope

Hunted by your foes

He is the one, he is the lore master


Enslaved to this work

Strength in these words


Seasons change and so can thee

But nobody knows this alchemy

I hold the secrets of ancient rites

Ritual wisdom on starless nights

They will never see

Continuing to lead the blind

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Loremaster II


Waiting, here I lie

When the world never hears your cry

A voice of reason amongst the fray

Leave it to death and decay


For I am the one

Wisdom's Son


This young world will always turn

and spin into oblivion

I am the keeper of the keys

I can sustain these memories

You may fall a thousand times

but still the longings there


Singing the songs of the dead one

Living the life of the failed one

Viewing the eyes of the blind man

Release your chains


Bound by rage or free to decide?

The void is calling and you cannot h ide

When will you realize?

Or do you wait til the stars align


Mark my words lest you will burn

Obliteration if you don't learn

Your homeland razed, all has been lost

Vengeance sought no matter the cost?

Search your soul, release your mind

and see the longing there


the world greets you like a blossom

in Springtime when life s before you

As we age, summer burns us

Those lessons never leave

In the autumn, wisdom finds us

Like an old friend we've always known

but Death takes us like the chill of winter



The seasons always age us

the reaper awaits beckoning

The sands of time are falling

do you prepare for judgment?

Now is the time to find balance

Pay no heed to the hand you were dealt


The Sacrifice


My days are numbered in this world

but a new day is born

to give me the hope to see the light

Break on my enemies

as they approach their death

Give me the strength

join me now and


burn those bastards where they stand

They will perish in our sacred land

and hell will welcome them

join me now and


fight by my side and I will honour your sacrifice

with bloodshed and death

join me now and give up your life


My mind is a barren plain

My heart pumps full of steel

I clench this iron sword

To disembowel my foes


I come full charge ahead

Breaking through their defence

Eyes locked upon their souls

Into hell they go


The fields are burning

A red light on this merciless sky

Brave men have fallen

Is this the night that I die


Now it is time, for the final act

Summon your strength

Its time to test your mettle

In your darkest hour

I have come for the blood of thy foes

Follow me into the field of battle

Into the night we ride.




Deadly waters

In a sea of pain

Do I drown in vindication?


Severing ties

with the violent side

drinking from the depths

of my well


Demons lashing at my soul

Forcing me to lose control

I will never fail again

Will this chaos end?


See the day

Ride away

Move beyond the

Path of hate


Boiling blood

From the depths of my rage

Slaughter seems like the only way


I can see light

But its shrouded in red

Primal voices dragging me away


With the sound of distant thunder,

spirit torn asunder as I look upon my grave

With the turning of the tides and the shifting of the sands

Has he sealed my fate?

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