Band Bio

Formed in late 2008, Scythia is a mosaic of many influences that combines storytelling, costumes, and heavy music. But this isn’t just grindcore in medieval garb… Scythia weaves folklore with double kick, detuned guitars with neo-classical melodies and catchy riffs with classical oboe playing. It is a musical experience that stands apart from all others.

Scythia acquired its name from vocalist/guitarist Dave Khan’s infatuation with a painting of Nordic/Russian warriors riding bears while brandishing swords. Scythia not only gives the painting musical significance, but it is also the name of an ancient empire spanning from the Caucasus through Russia, and even into eastern Scandinavia.

The melodies used in Scythia’s music have a very ancient, sometimes medieval sound. The vocals are kept clean in order to better deliver a story and are often sung in harmony with backing female vocals to give it a truly “folk-ish” quality

Delivering it’s first album with a raw, unapologetic “meeting in the middle of intensities” sound, Scythia released debut, “…Of War” in 2010. “…Of War” was produced by Shaun Thingvold who has engineered on projects with SYL, Fear Factory, Darkest Hour and many more. Following some line-up changes, Scythia went on the road in 2011 and came back with enough inspiration to produce a more refined, more conceptual follow-up album. “…Of Exile” is the second studio release from Scythia and it features a greater sense of musical dynamic and instrumental diversity. It takes the listener on a musical voyage as it recounts the tale of an exiled king faced with grave struggles from his closest companion, a cursed broadsword.

In 2012, Scythia has its vision set on new horizons. With the prospect of international tour looming and label interest, the group is prepared to bring its sound to larger audience than ever before.